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Designing the Perfect Nursery: 5 tips!

Congratulations to all of the parents and grandparents to be!

What is more wonderful than the anticipation of the arrival of newest member of the family?

Never before in life is nesting more important and potentially such a delight! Unless your faith prohibits it, you can go full-on parent months in advance! There's so much to do, trying on baby names, picking out paint colors and selecting furniture - remember, you only have nine months!

Follow these 5 tips for focus and fun!

1) Keep it chic!

You and your co-parent will be spending almost as much in this room as your child. Between the 2 am feedings, bedtime stories and playtime, the room's decor should reflect your sense of style.

2) Don't be afraid of color!

My favorite wall color for a gender-neutral kiddie palace is a bright teal or robin's egg blue. Mix in lots of white and natural wood tones, or glam it up with metallic accents! Have fun!

3) Avoid the full-on theme park decor!

Soon enough, your life will be teaming with animated mice, ballerinas, mermaids, robots, space ships and dinosaurs. These are all subject to change as your child's tastes develop. Keep your choices classic and minimal to create a beautiful room for your child's cocoon.

4) The Essentials

Beyond your choice of crib, or toddler bed, keep in mind that ambient lighting will help make those late night feedings a little easier. Add a table lamp or a floor lamp to the room. Overhead lighting in the middle of the night guarantees everyone will be wide awake Also consider adding a comfortable chair for feeding time, later to be used for story time.

5) Consider Functionality

You might be surprised that along with the baby, comes a lot of stuff! To maintain your sanity, have a place for everything, everything in it's place. A stream-lined, well-organized changing area with everything you need for baby within a short arm's reach, and out-of-sight storage for the onslaught of toys will keep things tidy.

Hopefully these tips have given you helped you as you begin to create your baby's room! Please feel free to post questions or comments!

Thanks for reading!

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