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The Art and Science of Home Staging

Here are my top five criteria used in creating a winning real estate staging...

  1. Look at the comps... What do the competing listings look like? Staged? Renovated? How does your property stand up to the others? Curb Appeal? How many days on market? Herein lies your roadmap to success. To stand out from your competing listings, a strong design identity is crucial to driving traffic to your listing online.

  2. Who is your target audience or the buyer ? A good understanding of the demographics of your neighborhood or location is a key factor in creating a successful staging design. I have several styles, Midcentury Industrial (used mostly in Brooklyn or those up-and-coming areas that attract a young buyer), Upper West Side Intellectual and Manhattan Modern (used in the blue chip type neighborhoods) Comfy and Cozy (used in a studio or junior one bedroom) to name a few. One size does not fit all when it comes to designing staged homes.

  3. What are the financial goals of the seller? Are you cashing out to retire versus an upgrade or a downsizing? Is this an estate property that you inherited? Sharing this information with your real estate professional and staging designer is another key ingredient in creating a budget and a design plan for the property. An estate property might need a bit more updating than just staging. Renovated kitchens and bathrooms sell homes!

  4. Hire a professional staging designer with a proven track record. There are lots of options for staging services from the cheap to the expensive. Be sure to work with someone who consistently stages homes that sell quickly. Staging can make or break your listing. This also applies to your real estate pro, check their listing to sold ratios. Avoid agents that have a large inventory of unsold listings.

  5. Hire the staging professional that will create value. Staging is an art form. It requires skill, experience and patience. No two homes are alike. I often feel like I am reinventing the wheel when creating staging designs. If you are shopping by the price, you might sell yourself short. Poorly staged homes translate into more days on the market and racking up those carrying costs. your first price reduction at 30 days is usually more expensive than a proper staging. Would you hire a plastic surgeon based on talent or on price? There are lots of celebrity plastic surgery fails that represent the latter option. The old cliche is true, you get what you pay for! As always, please reach out with your staging questions. I am here to help! Happy Spring 2024!

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